My name is Agwu Uchenna, I am the founder of Emarketing Boss. I believe strategic marketing is the lifeline of every business.

No matter how good a product or service is. Failure to put it before those who it’ll solve their problems will result in No sales.

If you’re ready to generate more leads, sell more, turn ice-cold prospects, leads, and customers into paying customers and brand advocates, you are in the right place.

Let me tell you a little about my career.

Before starting my career in digital marketing, I tried so many online earning opportunities and failed in all.

After intensive research, I realized that no matter what one’s online goals are, you need the necessary digital marketing skills to pull through.

After realizing that, I spent years learning, developing and implementing online marketing strategies which I use to help my clients and audience to scale up their online marketing efforts.

I currently, share proven marketing tips, concepts, tactics, and strategies to help business owners, brands, organisations, and marketers level up their marketing skills.

About Me

I’m a Nigerian. My days are filled up with research, writing, implementation of marketing strategies, trying out new ideas, and listening to music.

I have always dreamt of setting my own working hours and deciding what I should be paid. My business Emarketing Boss is helping me to live that life.