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17 Ways To Increase Website Traffic

Want to learn how to promote and drive more traffic to your site?

If your answer is yes, read on to learn how to drive quality traffics that converts to your site.

You know the ill feeling you get after spending time to create your blog, design your blog, research content ideas, write engaging blog posts and no one reads them.

We know how frustrating it can be that is why we’ve decided to share with a few techniques that you can apply to increase your website traffic without breaking the bank.

Let’s get started.


Paid advertising is one of the ways to put your website in front of your target readers. There so many types of paid advertising that you can utilise to attract your target readers. Some of those paid advertising methods are:

  • Social media advertising – through social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Paid search
  • Display advertising.

Before adopting any of the paid advertising methods, it’s important to be clear about your goals and objectives. Do you want to increase page views? Do you want to increase sales? Do you want to generate more leads?

It’s essential to know what you want to achieve with your paid advertisement. Because a clear goal will help you decide on which method of advertising to use.

Each of these paid advertising channels has its pros and cons. So it’s important to think carefully before deciding on which to use. If you’re interested in using Facebook advertising here is a full Facebook marketing guide to help you through the process.

Get Social

A lot of people use social media on a daily basis. As a business or individual, you have the opportunity to reach people that you may not be able to meet one on one on social media.

Social media is a great marketing tool that you should adopt if you’re serious about growing your website traffic. The way to use social media to drive quality traffic to your site is to get active on social networks. You don’t necessarily need to be active in all of the social media. What you have to do is to identify those ones that your target readers are using daily and get active on them.

Even if you discover that your audience is in all of social media, it’s still advisable to start with one or two when you master them you can begin to add others. Don’t jump into all of them at once so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Mix It Up

Mixing up your content format can help you attract more visitors to your site. For example, not everyone has the time and patience to consume three thousand words long blog posts, they should rather love to listen to podcasts while they’re going around carrying out their daily activities. Some will prefer the content to be in a video format so they can just sit and watch it when they want to relax. Some others will even prefer it to be in an infographics format.

Also, varying the length of your content is important. In as much as we are told that a thousand-plus content ranks better on the search engine compared to those that are lesser. It’s important to consider your readers when creating your content.

Some readers love short blog posts while some love longer blog posts. Though a reader will read content to the last so long as he or she finds it useful, engaging, and valuable.

How people digest information differs. So it’s important to vary your contents so you can have something for everyone. That way you open more doors for traffic.

Write An Attention-Grabbing Headline

To get people to read your content, you need to have an irresistible headline because it’s the first thing they see or hear.

Most times people who need your content see or hear about it and still don’t bother going through it. Why? Because the headline was not compelling enough to get them to read or listen to it.

Contents that get read are contents with an attention-grabbing headline. If you haven’t read my post on how to write an attention-grabbing headline you’d read it here.

Pay Attention To ON-PAGE SEO

Who doesn’t love consistent website traffic? 

Nobody! Everyone wants it.

The way to achieve constant traffic is to pay attention to SEO. You don’t necessarily need to be an SEO guru. You just need to pay attention to a few key things, and some of those key things are image ALT text, internal linking, fixing of keywords in the right place, and meta description. On page, SEO can help grow your web traffic.

Start Guest Blogging

A lot of bloggers don’t really know how guest blogging can help them. Guest blogging can benefit your blog in several ways.

Getting published in an authority site with enough blog readers can help you increase your website traffic.

Guest blogging if done correctly can help increase your website traffic. But if done badly can result in a stiff penalty.

Invite Others To Guest Blog On Your Site

Guest blogging is not only going to increase your traffic when you publish articles on other bloggers’ sites, but it also does that when you invite other bloggers to guest blog on your site. It’s a two-way channel.

Here’s how to go about it: look out for those in your niche with a sizable audience and invite them to guest blog on your site. When they do, they’ll definitely share their guest post with their audience. And that can help you increase your website traffic.

Interview Influencers In Your Niche

Interviewing influencers in your niche is yet another great way to increase your website traffic. The influencers are the big names in your niche.

People want to hear what their opinion is on certain industry matters. Getting these influencers may seem a bit difficult, but it’s not. Here’s how to get them to say yes to you:

Follow them on their social platforms and engage with them, read their blog and leave comments. After a while you can then send them a mail requesting an interview. When they get to find out that you’re one of their loyal followers they will definitely say yes to your interview.

Use Email Marketing

Email marketing can help you increase your website traffic if you do it right.

How do you do it right?

You do it right by building your own email list. Building your email list is not that difficult. All you need to do is to create a gated offer that requires them to submit their email in exchange for the offer. The offer can be an ebook, webinar, or even a mini-course.

Once you have successfully built your email list you’re sure to have a lot of people read your content each time you publish. Imagine having a thousand people on your list, when you publish a post and send it to all of those subscribers, you’re sure that at least five hundred people will read it.

But the problem that most people encounter is not having enough resources to pay for email service. You can still do email marketing even if you are on a tight budget. Convertkit has a free plan that you can start with.

Visit And Leave Comment On Other Sites

Visiting and leaving comments on industry blogs can benefit you. Though this approach is not going to immediately pull in thousands of referral traffic, it can help put your name out. When you constantly leave useful and provocative comments people will definitely want to visit your site to check your content. That way your website traffic is increased.

Spy On Your Competitors

You are not alone in business. You have people who are doing the same thing that you’re doing. Targeting the same customers and readers that you’re targeting. Promoting the same products that you’re promoting. Some of these people, businesses, and brands have more funds to research keywords. So one way to drive more traffic is to spy on them to see what content is bringing them traffic and their traffic sources.

Publish More Contents

Publishing content regularly on your website helps you to increase website traffic. Also, you have the chances of ranking for several keywords on the search engine.

Register And Participate In Some Busy Forums

Search and join at least three busy forums. When you join these forums add your profile information, read through the forum rules, write and post, and also follow up with other discussions in the forum.

Make sure not to spam the forums. Some of the high traffic forums that you can join are as follows:

  • Warriors form – 400,000+ members
  • Affiliate marketing forum – 68,000+ members
  • Digital point forum – 500+ members
  • WAHM forum – 67,000+ members
  • Talk home business forum – 57,000+ members

Joining these forums will help you put your website in front of those who haven’t seen it before, that way it gains more exposure.

Also, you will gain backlinks from your profile and signatures. These links will help improve your SEO.

Promote Your Website Using Free Classified Ads

For those who are just starting off their blogging career who may not have money to run paid advertising classified ads is a great approach to put your website in front of your target readers.

Classified ads are free to use. Though some classified ads have an upgrade option, it’s not really essential to upgrade because you can achieve much more with the free version.

Here are some of the places you can find free classified ads:

  • US free ads

Also, you don’t need any special skills to be successful with these traffic generation approaches. All you need is to select the right ads category and post your ads.

Participate In Yahoo Answers And Get Exposure For Your Website

Taking part in a yahoo question can help increase your website traffic. You get to insert your website link when you answer a question on yahoo.

You don’t receive backlink for this but you’re sure to get targeted traffic to your site if you provide useful answers.

Take Advantage Of Article Directory Online Profiles

You can increase your website traffic by taking advantage of article directory online profiles. When you set up your profile in these online directories, you add your website information. That way you will receive backlinks from those sites.

Also, those who read your articles on these online article directories will also want to visit your site to learn more about you and the contents that you create.

Here are some of the online article directories that you can register with:

  • Ezine articles
  • Goarticles
  • ArticleBase
  • Articles Factory
  • Idea Marketers

Review Your SEO position And Create A Plan

It’s always important to review your SEO position to find out where you are with your SEO. By the time you’re clear about it, the next thing will be to come up with a plan to improve your SEO.

Wrap Up

As much as you will want to increase your website traffic, it’s important not to try to implement all of the traffic generation approaches that I have shared in this post at once. Master one method first before trying to deep your feet into another. So that you don’t get overwhelmed.

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