Blogging Goals – A must For Blogging Success

Ever wonder why most bloggers even after blogging for a while still ask ‘what’s the next step to take with my blog? What type of content should I create? How and where should I find blog readers? How do I monetise my blog?

It’s simply because they started blogging the wrong way. They missed the first step which is the most essential step. This first step is supposed to serve as their driving force.

I know you’re probably wondering what this step could be? The step is SETTING BLOGGING GOALS RIGHT FROM THE VERY BEGINNING.

Since they fail to set blogging goals, they try to do everything at the same time for this reason blogging that is supposed to be fun becomes overwhelming and stressful.

In this post, we’ll be discussing how you can set your blogging goals even if you have already started out without a direction. We’ll begin by looking at what blogging goals actually are. Next, we talk about the importance of having blogging goals. Next, we discuss short term blogging goals. After which, we discuss long term goals. Next, we talk about setting vague blogging goals. We end by talking about blogging goals evaluation.

So let’s start.

What Is Blogging Goals

Blogging goals simply means what you intend to get off your blog within a specific time frame. It could be in a month, three months, six months, a year, three years, ten years, or even more. We have long and short term goals. We’ll talk about all of that as we move on in the post.

Importance Of Having Blogging Goals

We all know the importance of having a direction – knowing where you are going to. A man with direction never misses the road. He never feels overwhelmed. He is always focused and never gets distracted by shiny things. A man with direction has something to measure and track his progress. He knows where to start, when to start, and when has achieved remarkable progress. He doesn’t measure his success with others rather he measures his success with his goals.

I said all of that to let you know how important it’s to have a goal not just in blogging but in every other aspect of your life. Having blogging goals will set you apart from other bloggers.

There are lots of things in the blogging world to worry about. If you’re not careful you get swallowed up by them all. They’re also a lot of things to try out. So if you don’t have a mapped route – blogging goals that you want to take you can be tossed to and fro by every shiny strategy.

Blogging goals help you stay focused and not get distracted because you already know what you want to achieve. It helps you take one step at a time instead of trying to do everything at the same time. It helps you celebrate your little and big wins that way you stay motivated. It also helps you track and measure your success rate so you can find out what strategy is working and which isn’t working.

Set Your Long Term Blogging Goals

Like I mentioned before now that we have two types of goals which are long term and short term goals. So in this part of the post, we’ll look at setting your long term blogging goals.

Long term blogging goals means what you want to achieve with your blog in the long run. It can be in five years, ten years or even more. For example, you can say I want to be getting at least 50 thousand monthly visitors in the next five years. Five years is a long period of time so it’s a long term goal. So everything that you will be doing within this period of five years will be to hit your goal of 50 thousand monthly visitors. You’re not concerned with what any other person is doing because your attention is fixed on your 50 thousand monthly visitors.

Set Your Short Term Blogging Goals

Long term goals are good but they can still feel overwhelming because it’s too large. That’s why you need to break your long term goals into small units called short term goals. Let’s get back to our previous example of 50 thousand monthly website visitors. This is the goal you want to achieve in five years but it’s your day to day actions that will determine if you will hit the target or not.

This is where short term goals come into play. Short term goals are goals that you want to achieve within a short period of time. It helps you simplify your long term goals. Still with our example of 50,000 website visitors. Your short term goals could be to create at least 20 unique blog posts monthly and share in all your social media platforms. It simply means that you’ll not be focusing on your 50 thousand monthly website visitors long term goals because if you do you may get overwhelmed, rather you will be focusing on your monthly goals of creating 20 unique contents and sharing them across your social media platforms.

Your short term goals are not stand-alone goals, rather they are born out of your long term goals.

Don’t Set Vague Blogging Goals

It’s essential to ensure that you set realistic goals – goals that are achievable. You have to be as specific as possible. Because setting vague goals will drain your energy.

No matter the amount of research you carry out, you can’t really determine how things should go with you in your first three months of blogging. There are things that research won’t tell you that only experience can. So it’s important to set goals that are attainable.

Don’t just say I want to make $10,000 with my blog without a clear plan on how to do it. It’s important to simplify your goals and make it as clear as possible.

Evaluate Your Blogging Goals

Constant evaluation of your blogging goals is very important. You need to review your goals from time to time to know if you’re still on track or off track so you can get back on track. You also need to review it to find out if you’re actually crushing those goals or not so you can find out what is helping you to achieve your goals and what isn’t.

Wrap Up

Knowing exactly what you want to achieve with your blog can help take the heat off you and set you up for blogging success. So it’s important to set your blogging goals from the very beginning of your blogging journey.

It’s my hope that this post will help guide you in setting up your blogging goals.

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Thanks for sharing. It’s good to be reminded to have goals. There are so many moving parts to blogging, you can easily get off track and unfocused

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