GenM Review [2019]: Platform that Offers Free Remote Marketing Apprenticeship

Most digital marketing beginners have a hard time landing a job, especially if they’ve little or no work experience.


Most employers ask for two years of experience. But, how do you gain experience without working?


At GenM, they believe that education should be encompassing – meaning it should provide everything students need to land a job, including experience. They also believe that it shouldn’t cost the students a buck.


That’s why they created a platform that connects students with business owners and digital marketing experts to work together and help each other grow.


GenM digital marketing apprenticeships connect students with digital marketing experts so they can learn how to apply new and advanced digital marketing skills.


GenM only accepts 12% of business owners who apply to be part of the GenM community. They have a strict selection process for businesses to ensure great learning and professional growth experiences for all students.


Their apprenticeship provides you with the experience, mentorship, relationship, and credentials you need to get hired.


Their digital marketing apprenticeship is remote; students can do all their digital marketing jobs from home on a laptop or even using their smartphone.


As a student on GenM, your profile becomes visible only when your profile is 100% complete. They’ve got an algorithm that matches based on skills, interests, and more. The algorithm only works when your profile is 100% complete.


Once a student completes his or her profile, the student will need to answer a few questions, which you can find under the “Discover” tab.


Once a student answers a few questions, their team will review the answers to see if the student is fit for their apprenticeship program.


Once a student’s profile is approved, he or she can apply for digital marketing apprenticeships by selecting the “Discover” in their dashboard.


Completing the digital marketing courses on the platform provides the students with training that will help them succeed in an apprenticeship.


GenM training is not compulsory to apply to apprenticeships, but completing at least one program is mandatory to earn your M-certification. Your training is also visible to business owners when they view your profile.


An M-Certification is an industry-recognized credential that showcases your hand on digital marketing experience. It’s awarded for free upon completion of an apprenticeship.


Completing an apprenticeship on GenM has four main advantages:


The first advantage is that you’ll be able to apply the digital marketing skills you learn in the GenM program.


The second benefit is that you’ll gain the experience you need to showcase on your resume.


The third benefit is that you’ll develop a relationship with business owners and professionals who will provide you with references and directly help you land a job in marketing.


The last and most important benefit is that you’ll receive mentorship. Unlike traditional jobs and internships where a relationship is a person to business, GenM apprenticeship focuses on creating person to person relationships.


The business dedicates time and expertise each week to help improve the student. This approach is what makes GenM apprenticeship unique.


GenM apprenticeship focuses on an exchange of time in return for mentorship and career development.


Data from GenM digital marketing apprenticeship shows that students who complete an apprenticeship are 300% more likely to land a job in marketing than students who didn’t complete.


Students can do multiple digital marketing apprenticeships once because they only require 5-10 hours of work a week. The chances of a student landing a job after completing a 4-5 apprenticeship are very high.


GenM digital apprenticeships are three months long, which may seem like a lot, but at 5-10 hours a week, that’s only 60-120 hours.


Go ahead and join GenM digital marketing apprenticeship today and live with no regrets.


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