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How To Find Content Ideas Even If Every Topic In Your Mind Is Already Taken

Creating content can sometimes be discouraging because of the feeling that everyone has already written what you want to write about.

But is it really true that everyone has already written what you should like to write about?

Before I attempt to answer the question I should like to remind you that human needs are insatiable. Insatiable here means human needs cannot be satisfied.

Humans are curious beings. They’re always looking out for ways to do things. Either to bring new things to life or to improve upon an already existing one.

Remember that just like humans crave food, they also crave useful, engaging contents that can bring about the transformations they want in life.

The world is ever-evolving. What works today may not work tomorrow. That way an opportunity is created for people to research and provide solutions to today’s challenges.

As a content creator, always remember that you’re a problem solver. You shouldn’t create content because you want to add to the millions of contents on the web.

But you should create content because you have found a problem that your readers are looking for a solution to, and you want to solve it. the content creator is a researcher.

In the rest of this post, we’ll be looking at the various ways that content creators can find remarkable and fresh content ideas that meet their target readers needs, even if they feel that all that they want to write about has already been written by others.

Some of these methods I have talked about already in one of my blog posts blogging as a career. You can check it out if you are not sure how to start and build your blogging. The post has everything you need to build your blogging career from start to finish.

Okay, let’s start looking at some of the ways that you can constantly generate fresh content ideas.

Online Groups – Facebook, LinkedIn, Telegram, etc

One way to know the needs of people is to get close to them. You can only know what their struggles are when you are close to them. You hear them talk about their needs, wants, wins, failures, frustrations, goals, aspirations, and motivations.

Once you get to know what they’re talking about then you can tell what they need help with. And that’s the content idea that you’re looking for.

One of those places where people constantly talk about what’s going on in their lives is online groups such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram, WhatsApp, etc.

What you have to do is to research and find those groups around your niche where your target readers hang out, join those groups and listen to their conversations. Don’t only listen, also contribute. Contributing to forums and groups help you build credibility.

Before I move to the next method I would like to let you know that I got this particular content idea from a Facebook group. That simply means I practice what I teach.

General Forums – Quora, Reddit, etc

General forums are yet another way to find out what real people are talking about. Like I said before, a content creator is a problem solver. When brainstorming for content ideas you are looking for the questions that your target readers are asking so you can provide them with the answer.

Quora is one of those general forums where people are constantly asking questions. They ask questions about anything and everything. Going in there to check out what questions people are asking about your topic will give you an idea of what content your readers are looking for.

Websites comment sections

This method is very simple. The influencers in your niche get loads of questions on their websites on a daily basis. Some they’re able to address, some they’re not. So you can easily visit their website and read through the comments they are getting to find out what people in your niche need help with and provide them with the solution.

Google Related Searches

You can also find out what people are searching for through google related searches. When you carry out a google search at the bottom of the result page you find related questions. Those related questions are the questions other people are searching for in regards to the keywords or phrases that you searched. With those related searches you can find a content idea.

Google Search Box Suggestions

When typing in a query into the Google search box you will notice some suggestions. Those suggestions can give you an insight into what people are actually searching for on google. Though some of the suggestions are funny. Funny in the sense that it does not relate to your search. But you can actually look through the suggestions and pick out those relevant to what you’re searching for.

Personal Wins

The reason why a weblog is to share our experience, expertise, stories, with our readers so they can improve their lives with the contents we share. Our day to day personal wins is great content to share with our audience. When you share your personal wins with your audience they can get motivated and inspired to try out new things and will definitely appreciate it. So when next it looks as though no content idea is forthcoming just pick one of your personal wins and share it with your readers.

Personal Failures

Personal failures are yet another great content idea. Let me say this: people are more eager to act so they can avoid failure than they are more willing to act so as to succeed. So when they see content talking about how you failed they will be very eager to read it so that they don’t make the same mistake that you made. Here’s an example of content talking about your personal failure: how I lost 5000 dollars in forest trading

Amazon’s Top Industry Book List

You can find a whole lot of content ideas using this approach. What you need to do is go to Amazon and check out the books in your niche that’s selling more. If people are buying books on a particular topic it means that there’s a need for such information.

 Google News

You can also find great content ideas through Google news. All you have to do is to search for trending news on your industry and create content around it. For example as at the time this post was written the trending news on the health niche is Coronavirus so those who are in the health niche can drive a whole lot of traffic to their sites if they are able to create relevant contents around it. Everyone is searching for information that will help keep them from it.

Bonus Tip

How Long Should My Blog Post Be?

Writers most times worry about how long their article should be. Once they don’t write up to a thousand plus words they feel bad since it’s said that longer posts rank more than the shorter ones. But here’s the truth about how long a blog post should be, your blog should be as long as it’s interesting, useful, and engaging. If you were able to deliver your message in 700 words great! Not all posts are the same, so they are all not expected to be of the same length. Your article should end immediately when you exhaust your ideas.

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