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How to grab your reader’s attention

When you get online to search for information, you ignore most of the information you see and read only but a few. But, most of the information you skip has information relating to what you’re searching for.

The reason you skipped some of the posts is simple: there are so many posts trying to get your attention. And you don’t have the time to check them all.

This is why you, as a content creator must go the extra mile to grab attention for your contents.

Your audience has too many things on the web that’s trying to get their attention.

Successful content is one that’s able to stand out among the rest of the contents on the web.

Your content has just a few minutes to grab the attention of your audience. One way you can grab the attention of your audience is through the headline of your content.

If you can craft a good headline you’re guaranteed to get the attention of your readers.

John Caples understands this that’s why he wrote in his book How to Make Your Advertising Make Money “But even the greatest writer can’t save an ad with a poor headline.”

In the rest of the post, we’ll be looking at how you can grab your reader’s attention using headlines. We’ll start off by discussing how headlines get attention. Next, we talk about the four basic functions of headline. Then we finish up by exploring how to craft effective headlines.

So let’s get to it.

How Headlines Get Readers Attention

Irrespective of the type of content you create the first thing your readers sees, reads, or hears can either make or break your content. If the first thing your reader sees, hears, or reads does not communicate value the content will not attract your audience. If it communicates value or promises a reward for reading the content it will get your reader to read the post. It’s actually the first step to getting your target readers to read your content.

Always remember that no matter how informative, engaging, and persuasive your body content is it can not be read if it doesn’t get the attention of your target readers.

Many content creators think that clever wordplay makes a good headline. Pause for a minute, when you’re searching for information online, do you look out for a word that’s well fixed? Do you want to know what you stand to gain after reading the article?

Your answer is simple. When you search for information, you want contents that provide you with the information you’re searching for. Good content creators understand this fact and include the benefit their readers will drive from reading the post on the headline.

Functions Of Headlines

A Headline job is beyond getting attention. It does several other jobs. And those other jobs are:

Select The Audience

If you’re creating content that explains how to write an engaging blog post, there’s no point crafting a headline that attracts random folks who do not even own a blog talk more of writing a blog post. Because you don’t want to waste time generating clicks that won’t amount to anything.

Your headline can select the readers that your content is for and screen out those readers who your content isn’t for.

Drawing Your Reader Into The Body Of Your Content

Your target readers won’t get the information that you have taken time to put together for them unless they read the body of your content. The headline must get the reader to read the body of your content. To be able to get the reader to read the body of your content you must arouse his curiosity. There are so many ways you can do this, some of those ways are: Ask a question, make a provocative statement, promise useful information or reward.

How to Write Effective Headlines

When your target readers see your post, they quickly decide in a couple of seconds to read it, or scroll pass it based on the headline. Considering thousands of contents being published every single minute, how do you convince a busy target audience in a few words that your post is worth their time? A strong headline can help!

Strong headlines are:


Urgency gives your audience a reason to read the post now, not later. Adding a time element to your headline can create a sense of urgency. For example, What You Should About Digital Marketing In 2020 has more sense of urgency compared to What You Should Know About Digital Marketing.


A remarkable headline either passes a fresh message or tries to modify an old one. For instance, How To Find Content Ideas Even If Every Topic In Your Mind Is Already Taken is a headline for a blog post I wrote about how to find content ideas. This headline is different from a headline like How To Constantly Find Content ideas but they’re providing almost the same solution if not the same.


Powerful headlines grab readers attention by promising them a benefit. That’s it promises them a reward for reading the post. For example, it tells a man who can not write that by the time he’s done reading the post he will be able to write.

In any form of content or advertising the first thing that your target market sees, hears, or reads is your headline – your first impression – determines whether or not your content gets read.

After you have written your headline, take a few times to examine how strong it’s in urgency, uniqueness, and usefulness. That way you can tell if it can compel your readers to read the information that you have put together for them.

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