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If you are looking for tips on how to write better blog posts that get shared, then this post is for you.

In a few minutes, I’ll be discussing with you how to write a better blog post that drives a lot of engagement, shares and comments.

Without wasting time, let’s get started.

Know Your Audience

The first step to writing a better blog post is to know your audience. You can’t write anything worth reading if you don’t know who the blog post is for.

Writing a blog post is similar to preparing a meal. Everyone has a specific way they want their meal to be prepared. Their choice is most times attributed to different factors ranging from health issues to social status. That’s also the same way people have a different appetite for content. They visit the blog because there’s specific information they’re looking for.

So in order to serve them the type of content that meets their needs, you must first understand who they are, where they are – what’s going on in their life at the moment, and where they aspire to be. Once you have a clear understanding of who you intend to create content for the rest of the job becomes easy and smooth.

Identify What to What to Write

Knowing who the people you want to create content for is one part of the task of writing a better blog post. There’s yet another part, which is identifying what to write in a single blog post.

Your audience has so many problems. And you can’t solve all of those problems in one blog post. Also, some of those problems are more frustrating than the others – meaning some of them require urgent attention.

It’s important to dig further into the challenges they are looking for the solution at the moment.

This is where a lot of people get stuck. Nobody wants to spend time writing a blog post that people are not interested in. Knowing how significant readership is to us( content creators ). One of the most frequently asked questions by creators is how do I find content ideas?

Finding content ideas is easy if only you know who your audience is. After you have identified them, you just have to look a little bit into their life so you can know what exactly they’re looking for.

We’ll just look at different ways that you can easily do it even though you’re just starting out without spending a buck. Some of the ways you can get content ideas are:

Social Listening

One way you can get into the head of your audience is through social listening. Your audience has a place where they hang out to talk about their wins and frustrations, and what they need help with. Just like me, I am in so many content marketing and digital marketing groups on Facebook and Reddit. I get content ideas there. So as a content creator, one way to get content ideas is to look out for where your audience hangs out and join them. Listen to what they are talking about and what they need help with. That way, you will be able to create audience-focused and timely content.


If you’re not certain about your audience needs, ask them. Just ask them what they are struggling with, What they need help with, and the topic they’d like to have in-depth knowledge about. That way you can get tons of content ideas.

Instagram Feeds and Comments

Instagram feeds and comments are yet another awesome way to get content ideas. You can do this by following influencers in your industry. The comments they get can give you an idea of what problem people in your industry are searching for. It’s a gold mine.

Website Comments

You can also get content ideas from the website comment section. These websites can either be yours, competitors website, or top influencers website. All you just need to do is to browse through the comment section and see what recent questions people are asking. Or what they need help with.

Personal Success And Failure Analysis

This method works just well. People want to learn from other people’s success story. They also want to hear other failure stories so they can prevent it from happening to them. There are people who have used this method to build an audience. One of those is Pat Flynn. He shares his monthly income on his website. Irrespective of whether he made more profits or losses. That way, he was able to build credibility.

Take Your Content Idea a Bit Further…

Once you have gotten some content ideas, you can move a bit further by checking out the search volume of those content ideas. If you want to target a particular country, you can also check out the amount of search that the content idea is getting. You can do this by doing a bit of keywords research.

Keywords Research

Your audience is constantly typing queries into the search engine. Trying to find out what it’s that they are searching for on the search engine is what keywords research means.

You want to find out so you can provide them with the exact content that they are searching for, instead of providing them with generic content that they don’t need at the moment. For example, as in step one, you have discovered that your audience is digital marketers. But that knowledge is not enough to create content that will resonate with them.

Remember, not all marketers are on the same level or using the same marketing strategies. Some are using SEO, paid ads, and email marketing. While some others are yet to start using these marketing strategies. Probably, because they want to master content marketing and social media marketing before they deep their feet into SEO, paid ads, and email marketing or because they have mapped out when it’s okay to implement it.

So if you go about creating content about SEO, paid ads, and email marketing for the second group of online marketers chances are you may not get much engagement because that’s not what they want at the moment. But if you create content around content marketing and social media marketing for them, you’ll surely have a high post engagement rate. Because all that they’re looking for now is content that can help them become experts in these areas.

Understand What The Transformation Will Be After Your Audience Read The Blog Post

After you identify what it’s that your audience is searching for, the next step will be to try to understand what they’ll experience after reading the blog post. Remember that they’re in point A searching for a solution (content) that will move them to point B. Your understanding of the transformation will help you know what to discuss and what not to discuss. That way you don’t waste talking about what doesn’t matter to them. Instead, you provide them with only the information that will help them through the transformation.

Format Your Thought Into an Outline

Now that you have got an understanding of your audience, you’ve identified what it’s that they’re searching for, and how your content is going to change their lives. It’s time to format all of that information into an outline.

Formatting your thoughts into an outline helps keep you focused during the writing process. It also helps you produce content that’s easy to read. Because once your thoughts are properly formatted, each point will link to the other in an appropriate manner. That way your text is easy to follow.

But then I know that you may be asking ‘how do I format those thoughts into an outline?’

One way that I have always successfully done that is to get my keywords, go to Google, and type it in the search box. Then Google brings up a lot of related questions that searchers are asking. Then what I’ll do is to carefully look at those questions and pick those that have to do with the topic that I want to cover. That way I’m sure that the content is addressing people’s problems.

Another way that I do this without having to go to Google is to look at the suggestions, related, questions, and prepositions provided by the keywords research tool that I’m using for keywords search. When I do I pick out those suggestions, related, questions, and prepositions that are relevant to the keyword that I want to write about and format them into subheadings.

Write Your Blog Post

Once you have carefully done everything talked about in this post from knowing, understanding their needs, know the content to create for them, to formatting your thought into an outline. Writing the actual blog post becomes very easy because you already have a clear understanding of the topic you want to cover and how to cover it. And you also have a blueprint which is your outline. All that you need to do is to fill in your thoughts. If you don’t have all the information you need to complete the post you can reach to contributors, interview people that can help you with information.

It’s the dream of every content creator and blogger to write a blog post that gets lots of engagement, shares, and likes. But most times this seems like mission impossible. But with the tips that I have shared with you in this post, you can write a better blog in minimal time. So go ahead and apply those tips now.

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Great ideas! I love the idea of using Reddit or FB groups. I currently jumo on Quora every week and see what’s trending. Sometimes is pretty overwhelming and hilarious to see certain questions. Thanks for the tips!

Understanding your audience is the most important, most under-rated part of writing. Whatever you write, you need to click with your audience, and you need to understand them to do that. You gotta know your blog audience!

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