The Best Copywriting Books To Learn Copywriting

Looking for where to go to first to learn the fundamentals in copywriting?

Are you uncertain about becoming successful in copywriting because you’re a high-school, not a college graduate?

This post has explored the best nine copywriting books that you can lay hands-on and start your career.

These best copywriting books are equally useful to those who intend to improve their writing skills.

Not having a college degree or enough money to pay for a copywriting course worth of thousands of dollars does not have enough power to stop you from becoming a successful and a world-class copywriter.

I got hold of this truth after reading The Ultimate Sales Letter, written by one of the greatest direct response copywriters the world has ever seen, Dan Kennedy.

In this book, he shared his copywriting journey story. Here’s the story in his own words:

“My background tells me that anybody can learn to write. I’m a high-school, not a college graduate. I didn’t go to work in the mailroom of some ad agency and learn the trade of copywriting from experienced, seasoned pros while pulling myself up the ladder.

In fact. I got my first paid copywriting assignment while still in high school and opened my ad agency two years later, with no relevant experience or education behind me. I just did the same thing you can do:

Got books, devoured them, kept them handy, and used them as guides.

Used my insight, intuition, power of observation, and common sense.

Translated what I knew and what I kept discovering about selling to selling and communicating in print.”

Here is the list of best copywriting books that can help you walk through the same route Dan walked through. To check out any of the books on Amazon click on the book title.

The Ultimate Sales Letter

We live in the age of instant and email communication. A good sales message is an awesome way to close sales. But so many emails end up in spam folders.

The author Dan Kennedy in this book explains why some sales letters work and why some others don’t work. And he shows how to craft sales message that any business can make use of. Above all he provides:

  • Completely updated examples
  • Awesome headlines formulas
  • Exercises to help you through the learning process.

With his experience, he shared a step by step formula in the book to help anyone who lays a hand on this book to write a better sales letter that guarantees sales.

The Copywriter’s Handbook

The Copywriter’s Handbook remains the ultimate guide for people who write and work with a copy.

This book succeeds in two levels. For beginners, it offers a clear, comprehensive guide to the business, and techniques used in copywriting.

Scientific Advertising

In this book, the author Hopkins outlines an advertising strategy based on testing and measuring.

In this way, losses from an unsuccessful campaign are kept in check while profits made from successful campaigns are scaled up. This book is referenced by so many advertising and marketing industry experts ( such as Jay Abraham, David Ogilvy, etc.) as a must-read book.

The Ad week Copywriting Handbook

In this step by step guide, the great copywriter Joe Sugarman provides tried and proven guidance and experts advice on how to write a copy that’ll motivate, entice, and compel customers to buy.

For those who seek to kick start their career in copywriting, this is the ultimate companion for unlimited success.

Great Leads: The Six Easiest Ways to Start Any Sales Message.

Michael Masterson and John Forde worked hard to provide a concise and easy to follow step by step guide to writing successful leads.

This is not just a simple guide, and it goes far more profound. Michael and John outlined aspects to writing successful leads, and they also showed the process starts long before one word is ever penned down on paper or screen. This book was formerly conceived as a book about sales letter leads. But was later transformed into a far broader, far more useful examination of how to write effective leads for type of direct response.

The author walks readers step by step through the entire copywriting process from getting started to research product and market to, penning ideas down on paper, and fine-tuning it into a compelling, engaging, and persuasive copy.

The Psychology of Persuasion

The book on persuasion, explains the psychology of why people say yes, and how to translate this knowledge into writing compelling copy.

Dr. Robert Cialdini is the seminal expert in an ever-evolving field of influence and persuasion. His 35 years of rigorous, evidence-based, along with a three year program of study on what makes people change behavior resulted in this book.

The readers will learn the six universal principles, how to use them to become a skilled persuader, and how to defend yourself against them. This book is awesome for people from all walks of life.

The principle of influence will move you towards profound personal change and act as a driving force for your success.

Everybody Writes

This is a goto guide to attracting and retaining customers through stellar online communication, because we are in a content-driven world.

If you have a website, you’re a publisher, and if your business is on social media, you’re in marketing. That means we are all relying on words to carry out our marketing message.

And also being able to communicate well in writing isn’t just lovely, it’s necessary. But it’s the often most overlooked cornerstone of nearly all content marketing.

In this guide, the author Veteran Ann Handley gives expert guidance and insight into the process and strategy of content creation, production, and publication, with actionable how-to advice designed to produce results.

Write to Sell

This is a book for everyone that writes or approves copy: copywriters, account executives, creative directors, freelance writers, advertising managers, even brand managers. It reveals a lot of copywriting techniques that can help you write ads, commercials, and direct mail that are concise, persuasive, and get more attention.

Web Copy That Sells

This book provides timeless and cutting edge methods to help content marketers achieve phenomenon success. With the rise in social media, online sales techniques need an upgrade. You’ll gain tips for crafting attention-grabbing, clickable, and actionable content.

Whether your focus is on web copy, email campaigns, social media, or any other form of the other latest opportunities for lead generation through digital marketing communication, these tips will help you pack a fast, powerful, sales-generating punch.


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I desire that this list of the ten best copywriting books gives you a place to kick start your journey towards writing for a living.

It may take you close to a year to study all the books and apply the knowledge that you’ll gain, but you’ll be well-schooled, and you’ll know the key elements that make people choose to buy something. This knowledge you’ll translate into writing a compelling and high conversion copy.

How amazing would that be? Plus, you won’t spend thousands or hundreds of dollars on course for that matter.

I decided to put together the list since I’ve noticed many people are still struggling with how and where to start.

Feel free to drop the best copywriting books you have ever read.

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